'White Phantoms' is a name given to a race of violent aliens that plague the universe. Their real name is known only to them.

Appearance Edit

White Phantoms have two forms...

Humanoid Edit

Here they appear as very muscular humanoids but they have very pointed ears, fangs instead of teeth, black eyeballs and claws. They are always muscular, even a female would appear amazonian.

Beast Form Edit

Considered their 'true form', they take the appearance of a polar bear sized beast with white fur and a wolf like body. Their tails are long and thick, they have the build of a grizzly bear, black markings around their eyes and ears and their mouths, claws and the black marks around their eyes glows a blue at times of excitement. White Phantoms also generate a constant aura of mist that makes them harder to distinguish in their favorite hunting environments.

Nature Edit

They are very prone to violence and territorial, in beast form, they have been known to devour entire villages/towns. In human form they can be belligerent and prone to violence, generally respecting only strength.

History Edit

A race of mysterious origins, their violent natures have gotten them into trouble in the past, to the point that they were hunted to near extinction. Historians have long pondered how such a species every became advance enough to reach FTL yet did not commit planetary suicide. Recent study of their remains have uncovered DNA patterns that are unusually 'perfect' as though the race was engineered.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Strength: They are very strong by human standards in human form and by bear standards in beast form.
  • Switching Forms: They can switch forms at will, but the process is painful and leaves them angry.
  • Immune System: They have adaptable immune systems that work to neutralize bacteria and viruses.
  • Senses: They have animal like senses.