Time Hunters are machines that serve the Great Houses with the upholding of the Laws of Time.


The Time Hunters in their natural form resemble all black humanoid robots in three piece suits. Depending on the era/place, the suit changes to some equivalent. Their black heads also change to suit the situation.


As the Great Houses came to power they realized they needed to put a limit on the use of time travel less some fool create a world ending paradox. To this end they brought their technology and minds together to create the Time Hunters, machines that would seek out any source of paradoxes they could find in the timestream.

During their years of service they came to regard the Chronoids as natural enemies as they were pests to their masters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Camoflage: They can take on different appearances to blend in with their current era.
  • Time Ray: Using Chronal Radiation as a weapon, they can fire and age almost anything. Time Sensitve beings are resistant to this.
  • Time Travel: They can travel through time via their connection to their main hub, this signal can so give them away to those that know what to look for.
  • Self-Disintegration: Due to their purpose of protecting time, when destroy their bodies will be vaporized to reduce the changes to time.