The Morphean Ark is a large space faring purple boat, housing a small city.

Appearance Edit

The Ark resembles a large wooden boat made of purple wood, with the bottom resembling the bloated stomach of a whale. The top sports a metal covering and some towers. It is a massive ship, almost as big as a capital ship.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Morpheans: Strange clown like creatures that inhabit the ship, they appear to be harmless for the most part and seem to have a cartoonish resistance to injury.
  • The Dreamer: Called the Queen of the ark, she is a little girl made of liquid metal in a gown of moonlight. She sleeps in a room that appears to be the dark of night and stars for cushions.

History Edit

The Ark is a thing of legend, floating across space and appearing and disappearing without understandable reason. The