A mysterious creature made of crystal.

Nature Edit

The creature is a being made of crystal, it is actually an artificial intelligence housed in a crystal conduit. The machine's programming is written uses 'Electron Writing' meaning it is programmed into the structure of matter itself, the crystal matter which is how it is able to control it's body.

History Edit

The 'monster' is a Weekee droid lost in a skirmish between the Council Forces and the Rebels, it fell into reality through unknown means and seeks to return home as per its programming. Landing in the ancient past it was left buried

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Tech Link Up: The 'monster' can connect with and control lesser forms of technology, living or otherwise sentient technology can resist it.
  • Shape Shifting: Due to it's nature it can morph its crystal form, often taking the forms of monsters.
  • Resistance: The nature that allows it to shapeshift, also allows it to be highly resistant to injury, especially by primitive means.
  • Energy Convertion: It can convert energy such as light and electricity into power which it can then convert into mass.