"It's like Google...for all of time and space"

A Device used for FTL travel and search.

Purpose Edit

A Space Time Wave Emitter is a device that sends out Space TIme Fluctuation signals across the universe searching for specific beings. Anything/one that matches the search criteria is teleported across the Universe, sometimes even across the dimensions or even time.

Nature Edit

The Space Time Wave Emitter appears as often as a large column of sorts regardless of the technology used to make it. However the physical construct is not the whole machine, which works across the layers between dimensions and in some cases the Fourth Dimension. The Machine is effectively scanning across the Universe for specific beings, giving those that match a trip to the Emitter or prearranged coordinates. For some reason no one has even built one that can move inanimate objects that do not have unique energy signatures, they can also move those who 'answer the call'.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based of the device that appeared in Ultraman Mebius.