Sentinel Prime

The Prime before Optimus and prior leader of the Autobots, Sentinel was remembered as a great leader, powerful warrior and a genius scientist.

Personality Edit

Sentinel's primary goal and interests are for his people and his planet, but he is not above sticking his neck out for his allies. Sentinel is also keen to keep secrets even from his friends yet hold truthfulness in high regard. Sentinel is also rather proud, of himself and his race but tends to be subtle about it and while he distrusts other races, he does not hold the bigotry towards organics that Megatron and the Decepticons hold. At the end of the day he acts like a strict but kindly grandfather. He misses Optimus, who is like a son to him and fights for mankind in his name hoping that he will return with the Matrix knowing that it is the only force that truly restore their world.

History Edit


Armaments and Abilities Edit

  • Primehood: Sentinel is a Prime and as such is stronger than what a Cybertronian his size, age and build should be. He is even able to manhandle Megatron with little difficult and can eventually outmatch Optimus in his original form, simply by his great will.
  • Primax Blade: His double sword. It can slice into another bot easily. It is an Energon power Danger Blade which melt's through its targets.
  • Skyboom Shield: His powerful shield, it houses an invisible forcefield that repels energy and physical weapons.
  • Cosmic Rust Gun: A gun that erodes metals and causes them to rust away.
  • Intellect: Sentinel is among, if not the, smartest intellects of his race, knowing almost everything about Cybertronian history and Science, he is renowned for his invention of the Space Bridge
  • Combat Experience: Sentinel is not as physically fit as either Megatron of Optimus, but he is far more experienced than they are, having lived through the clan wars. As a Prime, Sentinel is still stronger than the average member of his race.

Transformation Edit

Sentinel transforms into a fire truck.

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