KARED Division Leader/SDK
Species Unknown
Home Planet Unknown
Other attributes
"If we fail to stop Malimors, we not only lose this Earth, but every universe connected to this entire war! But if we win, and we defeat Malimors and destroy the Cosmic Graveyard, then my theory is that the universes will come back, and the people who died in the tournaments and the wars will be restored."
- Raz

Razputin, or Raz for short, is the leader (in Battle World) and organizer of the KARED, and is the main protagonist of the game Psychonauts. He communicates telepathically, with the voice of a young boy. He was a victim of the Weekees, who sent his universe into the Cosmic Graveyard. He believes that if the Weekees are defeated in their attempt to conquer earth, the universes they destroyed will be returned to normal. 

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