A Scaled Ratchet 02
The team medic, Ratchet is a bot almost as old as Sentinel and has seen it all.

Personality Edit

Ratchet is an old bot, who takes no nonsense from anyone, he is also the team technician, repairing their equipment and the team. He has learned the science behind space bridges and is a loyal supporter of Prime. As an old bot, and a survivor where his friends were not, he is keen on seeing his friends alive.

History Edit

Ratchet served Sentinel Prime before he was knew he was a prime, this was during the clan wars before the Golden Age.

Armaments and Abilities Edit

  • Chainsaw: Can cut Cybertronian armor.
  • Vulcan Gun: His transformed hand
  • Energon Laser: A tool for healing his fellow bots, it encourages their natural recovery abilities.
  • Senses: His optics can scan objects and his tongue and nose can perform chemical analysis.