Examples of early Primes and their symbol

The original ruling class of Cybertron, the Primes are now all but extinct

Nature Edit

Primes are Cybertronians, who possess a special link to the Allspark/Primus, their life giver. This link has filled their bodies with 'holy energy' which results in their abilities and advantages over lesser Cybertronians. Their name and title comes from how the Enemy described them, as 'Disciples of Primus'.

Powers Edit

As a result of Primehood, a Cybertronian gains several abilities. They have been compared to Force Sensitives in organics.

  • Primehood: Primes have a special energy that naturally permeates their body, an energy similar to the Allspark/Matrix. When they learn to tap into this power, willingly or unknowingly, they can accomplish great fears.
    • Strength: Their strength is will based. This is something most can do, even unconsciously.
    • Mental Powers: They can learn mental abilities such as telepathy and even telekinesis.
    • Space Bridges: In the past all Primes could create portals across space at will.
    • Protection: Primes have a resistant to supernatural phenomenon that other Cybertronians typically do not.

History Edit

At the dawn of their time, the Primes were created by Primus to help destroy his brother Unicron. Afterwards he merged with the planet, and use the Matrix as a conduit to create new life. In time one Prime betrayed the others and brought about their downfall before being sealed away. The one that lived Prima, before his end, created descendants to carry on the Dynasty, this line eventually came down to Optimus and Sentinel.

List of Primes Edit

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