Optimus Prime is the powerful Autobot leader who appears in Battle World. Although he is very small compared to many of the other combatants, he is very strong, and can fight opponents that are much bigger than he is. He went to the Cosmic Graveyard in the Doctor's TARDIS to fight the evil Dr. Loboto and free the victims of Malimors and Bonivita once and for all. 

He was transformed into Optimus with Lemon once, in which he was stronger, larger, and wore golden armor.

He was killed in the explosion when the Cosmic Graveyard exploded

History Edit

It is unknown how but the destruction of the Cosmic Graveyard flung Prime's body into the closest Universe, the Battle World Universe. Some how this has resulted in the birth of Nemesis Prime.

Prime landed on a barren world with Loboto and his machines and seemingly died. However, Prime Spark was merely absorbed into the Matrix where it was protected. Loboto took his body and unaware of the true nature of the Matrix discarded to take Optimus' body for himself, becoming Nemesis.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Original FormEdit

  • Ion Blaster: A powerful rifle he can withdraw from his back. It is a powerful Laser Weapon with long range abilities.
  • Barrage Cannon: Another rifle, it fires slugs (specially designed bullets) with Plutonium Tips. These are designed to dig into the enemy and explode from within.
  • Energon Blades/Axes: Blades of energy that emerge from his hand, can slice straight through Cybertronian Armor.
  • Primehood: Being a true Prime, Optimus is more resistant to mystical attacks than normal Cybertronians. Beyond this, Optimus has the potential to use other supernatural abilities but has not been trained in the way. He is also an Empath, especially other Cybertronians, but often does not notice this.
    • Will Based Strength: On several occasions Optimus has demonstrated strength and endurance beyond what is expected of any Cybertronian, let alone of his of his size and build. These moments are all times when Optimus has fought with great determination

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Revived FormEdit

  • Old Weaponry: Optimus still has access to his original form's weapons.
  • Energon Sword: Based on the Star Saber, this Sword folds away in his shield . It can easily slice through another Super Robot and few things, like the real Star Saber, can stop it.
  • Skyboom Shield: His knight like shield this shield's face can block all but the most devastating of attacks, being able to stop even a Gravity Cannon. It now sports his Barrage Cannon.
  • Thrusters: Optimus now has thrusters in his legs that allow him to fly.
  • Super Mode: Optimus' trailer can now transform into a jet pack, granting him additional weaponry, extra energy and even faster flight. It holds enough weaponry to hold of a small army alone.


  • He is so far the only Protagonist to die and not come back like the others did.
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