Nathaniel (Or Nathan for short) is a mysterious young man in charge of protecting an unknown object/power/entity/mystery known only as 'The End', Nathaniel is a mighty warrior sporting inhuman fighting abilities, knowledge and objects.


Nathaniel looks like a normal human boy with tan skin, wild and long white hair that resembled dreadlocks and emerald green eyes. He is of a slim but tone build and wears a long sleeve blue shirt, with jeans and a belt made several other pair connected to the buckle. Under his left sleeve he wears a disk like object called the Bio-Matrix that is integrated into his body. On his back is a purple back pack and he generally wears sneakers since he runs very often.




Human Form

Nathaniel's human form, oddly he is more durable than a normal human and highly skilled. Despite being able to pass the most advance human tests he is not human.

  • Martial Training: Nathan is a trained fighter. He is also agile.
  • Durability: Nathan is more durable than a normal human being, he can withstand more damage and endure injuries that could kill a normal person.
  • Swordsmanship: Nathan is trained in all seven forms of conventional energy saber combat which he adapted for use with blade weapons.
  • Knowledge: Nathan has working knowledge of most forms of advance technology and systems of magic.


  • Bio-Matrix: A device grated to his arm, it is how he accesses his other forms.
  • EM Driver: A device that uses EM waves to work as a wrench, Nathan has programmed his for other uses.
  • Sub-Space Back Pack: The purple back pack he wears it holds all of his other items and weapons in a pocket dimension.
    • Energy Saber: A green energy saber
    • Rift Blade: A purple bladed sword that can cut into sub-space and create rifts, however the location is random. Anyone slashed by it is sent elsewhere.
    • Zephyr Blade: A blue blade that feels no wind or water resistance, it is very sharp and can cut most things.
    • Book of Worlds: Nathan's means of travel across the universe, the book creates portals for him but he must write down the coordinates in the form of runes


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