Megatron 001
Optimus' rival from their home universe, he and his Decepticons were somehow defeated but were saved by unknown forces, winding up in the Battle World Universe.

Personality Edit

Megatron is a brute, he believes that strength makes right but despite being a bully he is not without wits. He can form a plan, act his part and is not above playing weak to gain the trust of those he needs and can put away his bigotry to achieve his goals. Despite his admittedly brutish nature Megatron thinks before he shoots.

While he claims to have started the war for the sake of cybertron, it is clear that Megatron is simply the thrall of the Fallen, doing his master's bidding in stomping out freedom from Cybertron. This enslavement has left serious marks on his mind causing him to have...issues with Primes.

Megatron is/was obsessed with the All-Spark, to the point that he could sense its energies and those similar to it, an ability no doubt given to him by the Fallen.

Before his corruption Megatron truly cared for his people and there fate and was rather xenophobic due to being overprotective of his home and race.

He has a distinct dislike of organics, particularly humans, due to his imprisonment by them.

History Edit

The starter of the civil war that devastated Cybertron, Megatron longed for the power of the Allspark. Falling to Earth and being frozen for centuries did not stop him, however the Matrix's destruction and subsequent transformation into the Matrix did hamper his plans. Distraught that the Matrix showed a will, a will the rejected and burned him whenever he tried to touch, injury was added to insult by Optmus. Optimus no longer had any mercy for his tribe brother and sliced Megatron apart. Only his quick retreat saved his life and he was forced to be put together but parts from volunteers (volunteers being used loosely).

When Optimus disappeared, all seemed to be in the Decepticon's favor but the revival of Sentinel changed that. Sentinel, put his remaining forces in retreat leaving him and his men to flee to deep space.

Somehow they have found themselves in another Universe where Megatron can sense not one, but two Matrixes.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Fusion Cannon: Megatron's right arm can transform into a large plasma cannon. It is powerful, able to send any bot not destroyed in one shot flying backwards from the explosion. The shots are also irradiated.
  • Mace: his left hand can transform into an energon charged mace. Oddly enough he rarely uses it battle.
  • Flight: Using the thrusters on his back, Megatron can fly in robot mode.

Alternate form Edit

Megatron transforms into an alien tank that can extend out it's wings to become a makeshift jet.

Trivia Edit

  • Megatron's Spark glows red instead of blue, this is because it is corrupted thanks to his new master, making him his slave.