Matrix of Leadership

The most sacred of Cybertron's relics, the Matrix is held by a Prime, whose roles it is to lead Cybertron. It is also called the Creation Matrix.

Nature Edit

The Matrix is a part of Primus, the Life-Giver of the Cybertronians. So long as it exists Primus can never truly be destroyed. Because of it's link to Primus and thus the All-Spark, the Matrix is able to create Sparks, creating new Cybertronian life.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Link to the All-Spark/Creation of Primes: With the Matrix, a true Prime, one bonded to the Matrix, will gain an Empathic link to his entire race, knowing their suffering and joy. This link also means that they will be given a resistance to supernatural attacks.
  • Spark Creation: As befitting its original name, the Matrix can create Sparks.
  • Cybertron Reboot: So long as the Matrix exists, it can be used to restart Primus' spark if he should perish.
  • Other unknown powers: The matrix appears to hold some manner of sentience of its own, perhaps that of Primus. This has allowed it to do things that are entirely unexpected...

Trivia Edit

  • The image of the Matrix used is from War for Cybertron.