Malimors is a technorganic (also known as biomechanical) alien kaiju Weekee warlord and the main antagonist of Battle World.

Role in the StoryEdit

Malimors was a Weekee warlord who schemed against his brother Bonivita for some time. After the great starship battle, Malimors would eventually take the TARDIS for himself. Eventually, Malimors would host a tournament involving several heroes and villains from other universes. Raz from the Psychonauts universe was the winner of this tournement, but was sent to the Cosmic Graveyard, Malimors' base of operations that exists outside the fabric of reality.


One of the Weekees, ancient overseers of reality, Malimor agreed with his brother's belief that their species had sunk into evolutionary stagnation. To rectify this he sought to pave the way for change, to do away with their traditions becoming rulers of reality instead of their watchers. Malimors lead other like minded individuals to rebel against the Admin council beginning the Weekee civil war.

During this conflict he has augmented himself with stolen and copied powers from the universes he was meant to protect.


  • Malimors' name is a combination of two variations of two latin words for "evil" and "death".
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