Gyarados is a Generation I Pokemon from the Pokemon franchise.

Role in the StoryEdit

Gyarados was looking for his master Red and his Pokemon, Saur, Poli, and Pika, when he encountered MEGAS and its pilots, Coop, Kira, and Jamie. Shortly after their meeting, Insanitus arrived to cause trouble by the coast, possessing a shark and mutating its body to make himself more powerful. MEGAS and Gyarados both fought Insanitus for a long time until one of Gyarados' Hyper Beams went through the evil alien, killing him.

Shortly afterward, MEGAS' pilots pick up an energy reading that's off the scale, and as they head toward the source of this energy, so does Gyarados. As it turns out, it is none other than Bender who is generating the energy, much to their disappointment, as the pilots of MEGAS thought the energy reading came from Godzilla.


  • According to dialogue in the story, this Gyarados is heavily implied, if not explicitly indicated, to be Red's Gyarados, Gyara, from the manga Pokemon Adventures.