Godzilla 2002
Weight 60k tons
Height Unknown
Home World Earth
Faction KARED
Series of Origin Godzilla
Appears in Battle World, Tintin in Tokyo
Godzilla is a mutated Godzillasaurus and a key character in the Battle World story. He is extremely strong, with powers such as atomic breath, sharp spines, flying and regeneration. Depending on his role in certain media, Godzilla is either a villain, neutral, or a hero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Over the years Godzilla has possessed many powers and abilities to use against his foes. Godzilla is generally considered to be the most powerful kaiju, as is expressed by his title, King of the Monsters.

Atomic Breath/RayEdit

Godzilla's signature weapon is his distinctive atomic breath. Godzilla's dorsal fins glow ominously, and then he lets loose with a concentrated blast of radiation from his mouth. This power is commonly mistaken for breathing literal fire.

Godzilla has been shown apparently being able to adjust the intensity of his ray, varying from a blast of superheated vapor, to a beam with explosive and kinetic properties, The ray is usually portrayed as being neon blue, though iit is sometimes  a reddish orange to signify an increased level of power.

Godzilla's breath is strong enough to destroy a black hole, and kill kaiju in a single hit. A variation of the standard atomic ray is the red "Spiral Fire Ray" which he acquired as a result of absorbing the Rodan's life energy. This ray was so powerful that it is one of the few things that can hurt SpaceGodzilla seriously. Another variation of the ray is the Hyper Spiral Ray which he got as Ozaki gave him energy. It is so strong that it pushed the 100,000 ton Kaizer Ghidorah to space and made him explode.

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