Weight 129 tons
Height 85 meters
Home World Earth
Faction KARED
Series of Origin Gamera
Appears in Battle World, Tintin in Tokyo

Gamera is a gigantic turtle, one of a race that died out long ago. He saved Anguirus from the Kraken. 

Gamera's shell is extremely resilient and strong. Missiles and other weaponry merely bounce off of it, along with most of his opponents' attacks.He can shoot plasma fireballs from his mouth and fire a Mana Blast from his chest. Of course, Gamera also has the ability of flight. Generally Gamera will pull his arms, legs, head, and tail into his shell, fire flames out of his arm and leg cavities and spin around like a frisbee. This mode of flight had an added advantage in the later films, where he would use the sharp edges of his shell to cut enemies while spinning, similar to a circular saw. He has a second way of flying, where he only pulls his legs and/or tail in, fires flames from the leg cavities, and flies like a jet. In the Heisei era films, Gamera's arms would extend and stretch out into wings similar to the flippers of a sea turtle while using this form of flight, giving him added aerodynamics and control.