Dr Loboto

Dr. Caligosto Loboto is an antagonist from the game Psychonauts. He appears in Battle World as a loyal servant of the main antagonist, Malimors, and Optimus Prime's final opponent in the story.

Role in the StoryEdit

As stated by Dr. Loboto himself, when Raz's universe was destroyed, Dr. Loboto was spared of his own death due to his genius intellect, and with Malimors he was able to go from a deranged dentist to a powerful mad scientist by constructing a few battle mechs for himself, most notably the Brain Gladiator, which was made from the remains of the double agent Phobius' cyborg body.

He was first ordered to make the aware Mothra and Iron Giant fight Optimus Prime, believing that he would make a proper scapegoat in case the worst should happen. The Iron Giant and Mothra fought Dr. Loboto in London, England, with the mad scientist piloting the first of his mechs, the Brain Jellyfish. Dr. Loboto quickly escaped when the mech was self-destructing after the Iron Giant did enough damage to it.

He isn't seen again until sometime later, when the chaotic Insanitus is told that he can cause trouble on Earth to remove him from the picture.

At some point, Dr. Loboto discovered that Phobius, a servant of Malimors, was actually a double agent for Bonivita. After killing him, he later converted Phobius' body into another mech named the Brain Gladiator, which he used to kill Bonivita with. Dr. Loboto then waited in case enemy combatants arrived in the Cosmic Graveyard. Fittingly enough, that intruder would end up being Optimus Prime, the same being who was going to be Malimors' scapegoat earlier. After a long battle, the Brain Gladiator had its primary weapon, which was a fear-inducing projector, activated, making Optimus terrified, albeit not visibly. However, after noticing a magnetic crystal in the center of the room he and Dr. Loboto were fighting in, Optimus would use this crystal to short-circuit the weapon by making the Brain Gladiator come into contact with it. However, Dr. Loboto escaped and began piloting his final and most powerful mech: the Brain Wyvern.

Optimus and Dr. Loboto would continue their battle underneath of the previous arena as Optimus was trying to reach the power source for the Cosmic Graveyard. However, Optimus would eventually find and destroy the power source, and by extension, the Cosmic Graveyard, sacrificing himself and taking Dr. Loboto along with him.


  • Dr. Loboto's last name is derived from "lobotomy", which is a surgical term having to do with operating on a certain part of the brain, in this case the pre-frontal cortex, and severing it entirely.
  • He is, according to Optimus Prime, obsessed with brains.
  • It is notable that Dr. Loboto's portrayal in Battle World is rather different than in the original Psychonauts. This is mainly due to his expertise and fixation on robotics, a trait that is seemingly exclusive to this story.