Weight 80,000 tons
Height 120 meters
Home World Earth
Faction Antagonists
Series of Origin Godzilla
Appears in Battle World, Tintin in Tokyo
Destoroyah is one of the Malimors' strongest weapons. He is considered one of Godzilla's strongest foes with only a weakness to cold.


Destoroyah's primary weapon was a oxygen-destroyer ray fired from his mouth which could vaporize organic matter and was even capable of penetrating most metals. All of Destoroyah's forms possessed the ability to fire the ray but its aggregate form was also equipped with a pair of extending secondary jaws that injected the micro-oxygen directly into an opponent's bloodstream and drained a victim's energy. In its final form, the horn projecting from Destoroyah's forehead had the ability to generate a blade of energy powerful enough to cut through Godzilla's flesh. The aggregate forms were equipped with spiked claws similar to those of a praying mantis while Destoroyah's flying and ultimate forms possessed a tail tipped with a grappling pincer that was strong enough to even hold Godzilla. The tail also had the ability to drain energy and give an energy discharge.