Cthulhu is an ancient demon that can turn people insane by looking at them. Though a small boat appeared to kill him, it was implied that he survived and went back to his slumber.


Makuta Teridax sacrificed three dragons to summon Chthulhu. Chthulu made the dagon return to his slumber. Chtulhu fought Godzilla and almost became victorious. Godzilla blasted fire at Chthulu and he shrugged it off with relative ease. Mothra flew by and gave Godzilla a crystal to become extremely powerful. Godzilla was still loosing until he summoned atomic breathe that can fell gods and killed Chthulu.


  • In Battle World, it is implied that he eats Basilisks
  • Cthluhu has no definate pronunciation, as it is an alien word which our mouths cannot pronounce.