The Chronoids are a race of clockwork machines that use time energy.


Once an organic race sought to master time travel, rather than risk it themselves they sent machines to test their theories. They built their machines to feed on the energies of time travel but the end result was their machines gained the power of time travel.

After the race died out their machines kept running and seek out Chronal Radiation to absorb. Because of this they are considered pests to the Time-Walkers who regularly use such energy.


They resemble humanoid robots with bronze plated skin, their faces are LED screens. Inside they are clock work beings with a central crystal cog and energy arcing all around inside.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chronal Energy absorption: Chronoids can absorb Chronal Radiation by touch
  • Strength: They are very strong, a normal human cannot hope to fight them in a fair challenge.
  • Time Travel: Using their own internal Radiation they can move through time.
  • Detectors: They can detect Chronal Radiation within their vicinity.
  • Self Repair: They can repair themselves.
  • Presence: Their very presence causes temporal anomalies such as short time loops and clocks de-synchronizing temporarily. They may also cause Deja Vu.


  • Conductive Materials: Any conductive material, particularly in dust form can short circuit them as their stored energy is in a somewhat electrical form.
  • Tetryon Radiation: This form of radiation plays havoc with their own stored energy.