The KARED (Kaiju and Robot Earth Defense) is the group organized by Raz. Most of the Kaiju and robot characters who were friendly to Earth were incorporated into it. Later, it was expanded with human

Old KARED logo

leadership, mainly under Dr. Kiru

The earth defense teams at the time were merged into KARED with different regions assigned. Japan, the UK and the United States are the principle supporters of KARED. 


  • The defense teams are a tribute to Ultraman; SSSP is the name of the defense team from the original Ultraman series. 
  • The KARED logo font is based off of the one used for the TV show Ultraseven X, as well as the writing for the header image in Tintin in Tokyo. 
  • KARED accepts all species, whether alien or not, this is a tribute to Ultraman Moebius in which several aliens were portrayed as almost friendly, or repentent of the damage they had done to earth. 

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