A Basilisk is one of the few non-Kaiju creatures in Battle World. Although Kaiju means strange beast, it is usually considered to be an extraordinarily large, oftentimes mutated creature.

A Basilisk killed Mothra, but was crushed by Godzilla. Cthluhu was also mentioned to have eaten one. 


A Basilisk is a very large, fictional snake, that is larger than a python. In Harry Potter, the basilisk is dark green. It is like a snake, with some resemblances to a chicken, because it is said to form from a chicken egg hatched from under a frog. 


The Basilisk may turn anything to stone by looking it in the eyes. They also eat animals in Battle World, as is demostrated when the Shobijin were eaten by one. It may be possible for a Basilisk to constrict its prey, although it is not likely to do so. Basilisk venom is very deadly, killing people within a few minutes. 


  • King Ghidora wore a Basilisk on his center head as a crown.
  • Basilisk comes from Greek mythology.